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Rail Buggy and Off Road Infotainment

Eastern Tennessee - Western North Carolina - South East Kentucky - Northern Georgia

Not much sand around here; but we do have lots of mountains, and that makes for some great off road riding. Check out this East Tennessee 3D terrain map.gif (128k) or an enhanced terrain map.jpeg (160k) to get an idea of what I mean.

We are all out riding right now but you are welcome to hang around the web site as long as you like. Feel free to look around and check out the sites and sounds of this hobby we call railbuggies. If you don't care, leave the light on if you have to go... it may be late when we get in.

Climb in, buckle up, and hang on ! Now it's your turn to drive ...

Hot Stuff !

Rail buggies come in all shapes and sizes (as the saying goes). Each one is as individual as it's owner. Buggy names are often descriptive of where they are designed to be driven. Street rails are usually designed for 'cruzin' the highways and byways. Sandrails are set up to take on the sand. Woods buggies are geared for the woods. Many times a rail serves dual duty so around here we just call them rail buggies.

This site is updated regularly. I attempt to make it better with every change so come back as often as you like to check out the latest modifications. The site was originally optimized for Netscape Navigator but since it has become what it is... I have tried to make the site 'play well with others'. It currently works best with Safari. Not familiar with Safari ? You must not have a Macintosh. Need a Mac ? Contact MCS

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